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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Norwich announces Faculty Development Prize

For Immediate Release
Jan. 18, 2011

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The Norwich University Faculty Development Committee announced today that Dr. Jeremy Hansen, assistant professor of computer science, will receive this year’s $8,000 stipend for the Board of Fellows Faculty Development Prize.

Hansen’s research project, entitled “Opportunistic and Ultra-Mobile Applications,” aims to create a framework that allows computer applications to be individually hibernated, securely moved from one computer to another, and then started back up where they left off.

Hansen envisions the “hibernate” option to be built into computer operating systems.

“In windows you have the minimize/maximize/close option,” Hansen explained. “You could have ‘hibernate’ and save it as a file, put it on the internet and open it on a different device.

“This is unique in this particular combination; there are ways to do it through virtualization wrapping it on top of other applications but doing it this way is unique. Nobody’s ever combined them in this way before.”

Hansen’s research will begin in a class he teaches on networking in which students will have an opportunity for a group project to work on building a network with him that moves applications from one network to another.

Then Hansen will spend the summer on the operating system side, getting the applications to hibernate.

"Dr. Hansen's project is once again pushing the envelope of ‘computer/device’ usage and exemplifies the excellent academic leadership that benefits our students and the entire Norwich community,” said Jeffrey Holden, vice chairman of the BOF.

The BOF Faculty Development Prize is funded annually by the BOF in its role of stimulating and rewarding the University Faculty for creative and pragmatic research efforts.


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