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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Norwich announces new academic major: Education

For Immediate Release
Nov. 4, 2010

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Norwich University officials announced that beginning in Fall 2011 it will offer a new major of academic study, a bachelor of science in education.

The program builds on a teacher licensure program already in place at NU, a program modeled on the philosophy of NU Founder Captain Alden Partridge and his belief in experiential learning.

In NU’s program students begin work in the classroom in the fall of their sophomore year and exceed the Vermont state criteria for hours spent in the classroom.

“The state mandates 60 hours of field experience prior to student-teaching and our students complete 70-plus hours,” said Education Professor Diane Byrne. “We do active observation and in subsequent classes they are working with the teacher and observing…The students are very grateful for that.

“This adoption of the BS in education recognizes the work that many students already do and streamlines the process.”

In addition, NU students complete 14 weeks of student-teaching – two weeks beyond the Vermont state requirement of 12 weeks, typically finishing the program with 480 hours of student-teaching.

“The bachelor of science in education is a natural evolution of the high quality program we already have in place,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Guiyou Huang. “Guided by Partridge’s vision of experiential learning, our education students graduate from our program ready to lead in the classroom.”


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