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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Norwich University hosting 3rd Annual CSI Symposium

For Immediate Release
January 21, 2010
Contact: Daphne Larkin


Norwich University hosting 3rd Annual CSI Symposium

NORTHFIELD, Vt. (Jan. 21, 2010) – Norwich University will host its third annual CSI Symposium on Jan. 28 – 29, a series of seven lectures by forensic scientists on a range of topics covering the roles of science in crime investigations.

A highlight of the symposium will be a presentation given by Dr. Henry Lee, one of the world’s foremost forensic scientists. His testimony figured prominently in the O.J. Simpson trial and in convictions of the “Wood Chipper” murderer as well as hundreds of other murder cases.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for members of the Norwich student body, staff and faculty, as well as the wider community to listen to some of the world’s most renowned forensic scientists,” said Dr. Thomas Taylor, dean of social sciences.

The presentations will demonstrate how a cross-disciplined approach of various scientific expertises all contributes to solving crimes.

All lectures are free and open to the public and will be held on the University campus in Dole Auditorium. Free parking is located at the Kreitzberg Arena, off Route 12, with shuttle services provided to Dole Auditorium. The noon lecture includes a free lunch.

Thursday, Jan. 28:

4-5 p.m. INTRODUCTION, New York State Police Investigator Robert B. Appleton, Forensic Investigative Support Services

5-7 p.m. CRIME SCENE RECONSTRUCTION, Dr. Henry Lee, Connecticut Department of Public Safety, Division of Scientific Services

Friday, Jan. 29:

9-10 a.m. FORENSIC ODONTOLOGY: CASE OF RUSSIAN CZAR FAMILY, Dr. Lowell Levine, New York State Police, Forensics Unit

10-11 a.m. VETERINARY FORENSIC, Dr. Melinda Merck, Veterinary Forensic Sciences for the ASPCA

11-noon FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, Dr. Richard Ovens, New York State Police Academy, National Training Center of Polygraph Science

12-1:30 p.m. LARSEN LECTURE SERIES PRESENTS: FORENSIC PATHOLOGY, Dr. Michael M. Baden, New York State Police, Forensic Services Unit

1:30-3 p.m. FORENSIC COMPUTER INVESTIGATION, Investigator Ryan Kubasiak, New York State Police, Computer Crime Unit

Editor’s note: The public can contact Kim Healy at (802) 485-2310 or khealy@norwich.edu for more information.


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